Saturday, March 19, 2011

What's the Greatest Compliment and the Greatest Insult The Last Show Received
Today's Question for TAM's Max Presneill

TAM's exhibition, What's New, Pussycat? closed March 6, 2011. TAM's next exhibition, Gateway Japan, is as of this writing, scheduled to open March 26, 2011. (Hopes and thoughts.)

During The Time Between Shows (see this link for more information, please
), this blog checked in with TAM's curator and director Max Presneill.

We'll be presenting one question and one answer each day during an eleven-day period. This is day four. Scroll down the blog to see past related posts.

Here's today's question and answer --

Jeremy Rosenberg: What's the greatest compliment you've received during this show -- and what's the worst insult?

Max Presneill: A ‘thank you’ from the artists when they say why they liked it (and it is accurate rather than just flattering) is the biggest compliment for me personally. The biggest insult was someone saying it is easy to do big shows like this one - maybe an accidental compliment.

Coming tomorrow: It is physically easier to install or to deinstall an exhibition?