Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Did What's New, Pussycat Meet Your Original Intention?
Today's Question for TAM's Max Presneill

TAM's exhibition, What's New, Pussycat? closed March 6, 2011. TAM's next exhibition, Gateway Japan, is as of this writing, scheduled to open March 26, 2011. (Hopes and thoughts.)

During The Time Between Shows (see this link for more information, please
), this blog checked in with TAM's curator and director Max Presneill.

We'll be presenting one question and one answer each day during an eleven-day period. This is day eight. Scroll down the blog to see past related posts.

Here's today's question and answer --

Jeremy Rosenberg: WNP both plays homage to the forthcoming Pacific Standard Time (or perhaps challenges PST?) as well as serves to further introduce emerging artists...

In your essay, you wrote: "Our intention then is to examine the continued relevance of those years and how they have shaped and continue to shape art here and now, as Los Angeles expands its influence as a major art city of the world, onto new generations and geographies."

Now that the show is ending / over, did you achieve your intention? How so?

Max Presneill: I think we did in that we helped contextualize the art from the past years into a current practice of interest, as well as making a significant point in the continued relevance of those originating concerns and materials.

We mostly see exhibitions out there in the world of new art using old art to contextualize itself and we managed to open that up to flow both ways -- a rare and worthwhile feat, I think.

Coming tomorrow: Was it difficult to operate the videos in an exhibition?