Friday, March 25, 2011

The Time Between Shows
How TAM Spends the Three Week Interval Once One Exhibition Ends and a New Exhibition Opens
Today's Question for TAM's Max Presneill

TAM's exhibition, What's New, Pussycat? closed March 6, 2011. TAM's next exhibition, Gateway Japan, is as of this weeks-in-advance writing, scheduled to open today, March 26, 2011. (Hopes and thoughts.)

During The Time Between Shows (see this link for more information, please
), this blog checked in with TAM's curator and director Max Presneill.

We'll be presenting one question and one answer each day during a ten-day period. This is the final question and answer in the series. Scroll down the blog to see past related posts.

Again, please note that the questions and answers for this series dates back to March 6, 2011:

By now, much more information will presumably have become available regarding the six artists and one curator who were scheduled to fly from Japan to attend the Gateway opening -- and about the health and well-being of those and the other participating artists and their families.

Had the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami not hit earlier this month, the following would have been the business as usual reply at the Torrance Art Museum.

Jeremy Rosenberg: Gateway Japan comes next, opening three weeks after WNP closes... What happens during those 21 days? What other information can you share about the Gateway exhibition?

Max Presneill: One week to take down show, wrap everything and repack it into crates, ship out or deliver it, remove all signs of it.

Week 2 – we repair the walls – spackling and filling holes, repainting the walls, returning the space top pristine condition. The next show’s works start to arrive and get checked for condition, etc.

Week 3 – we install the new show. Hanging paintings, placing newly repainted pedestals out with sculptures, etc, putting title plaques up, making sure the website is updated, collecting the postcards and catalogs for the show, lighting it when hung, etc.

Then, Show Time for the opening reception. This is about half of the job, alongside with all the media stuff and PR that we do, while also carrying out the ongoing jobs that we have to attend to every week. It is a busy and difficult 3 weeks, I can tell you, but also some of the most exciting for us at TAM.

End of the Q&A series