Friday, March 25, 2011

What Else Is On Your Mind?
Creating a Small but World-Class Series of Exhibitions
Today's Question for TAM's Max Presneill

TAM's exhibition, What's New, Pussycat? closed March 6, 2011. TAM's next exhibition, Gateway Japan, is as of this writing, scheduled to open March 26, 2011. (Hopes and thoughts.)

During The Time Between Shows (see this link for more information, please
), this blog checked in with TAM's curator and director Max Presneill.

We'll be presenting one question and one answer each day during an eleven-day period. This is day ten. Scroll down the blog to see past related posts.

Here's today's question and answer --

Jeremy Rosenberg: What else, about anything, is on your mind to share here?

Max Presneill: We are attempting to create a small but world class series of exhibitions that will present to our audiences the most famous living artists of our day, alongside those emerging artists we feel will be too one day.

We are trying to make sure we are global in our outlook and will bring the best international work to Torrance so they too can view it and interact with it without having to fly to New York or somewhere to see it.

We are trying to cover all aspects of contemporary visual culture in our programming – including Performance Art, Sound Art, panel discussions and artist made films amongst other things. This is a very hard task but one which we are succeeding with and wish to continue.

We want EVERYONE’s support. Come by the openings, drop in to see the show, let people hear about them through word of mouth. If Torrance can present this ambitious a program and people want to see it continue then partner with us in seeing it succeed.

Coming tomorrow: Gateway Japan -- preparing for the exhibition

(Note: This post was prepared prior to the horrific earthquake and tsunami. This blog is awaiting word about how the artists and curator from Japan and their families scheduled to be part of the exhibition are doing.)