Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thoughts, Hopes With Japan

Like people everywhere, our thoughts and hopes are with the people of Japan, and the Japanese diaspora.

The Torrance Art Museum's next scheduled exhibition is titled, Gateway Japan, and is to feature the works of 21 artists who are either from Japan, or of Japanese heritage.

The list of those artists is on the museum's home page, along with images of the artists' works -- some of which appear particularly more poignant in light of cataclysmic events.

At least six of the Japanese artists, and the Japanese co-curator of the show, had been scheduled to travel to Torrance and attend the Gateway opening reception.

A box from one of the artists had already arrived at the museum.

We'll check in now with TAM's director to see if he's heard from any of the seven. More here when we learn more.