Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time Flies

Forty days ago, this blog wrapped up a string of posts.

We joined the hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of others who attended opening night of TAM's Gateway Japan show. We watched the sumo wrestlers performance / sculpture. We bought one of the $50 artworks for sale to benefit the Japanese red cross. We patronized TAM's event sponsor, Bar One.

And of course, we took in the show, doing the best we could to separate the surrounding weeks' sadness, poignancy, and the opening night revelry from the works' themselves.

Forty days later, the show is gone. Forty days later, Japan is all but out of the daily headlines -- replaced by news from Libya, Syria, Yemen, and now most of all, Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Anyone reading this know without looking elsewhere online how many of the Fukushima six nuclear reactors are fully under control now?

Forty days...

TAM runs their shows fast, like a larger venue's project room.

This so-often take-downs and set-ups taxes the institution's skeleton staff -- like flying, it's the takeoffs and landings that matter most.

But it's a boon for the South Bay and visiting public -- getting ten main shows, say, instead of three or four that the institution could get away with running.

The down side -- time be flying. Forty days. The opening seemed like yesterday. How many times did you get back?