Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japanese Artists Said To Be Uninjured

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Sixteen full or part-time residents of Japan are scheduled to participate in the Torrance Art Museum's upcoming exhibition.

All sixteen of those people are apparently accounted for and uninjured following the catastrophic 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit the island nation.

That's the news, relayed second-hand, thanks to TAM director and curator Max Presneill's email exchanges with two Tokyo gallery directors who are in touch with the various artists.

Presneill has corresponded with Ei Kibukawa, who runs the Eitoeiko gallery in Tokyo, and Yuko Wakaume, who is Presneill's co-curator for the forthcoming TAM Gateway Japan show.

Kibukawa and Wakaume's emails speak to the devastation to the northeast, as well as the limited power, gas, water, phone service, and public transportation in Tokyo. One of the pair notes feeling a "BIG" -- in all caps -- aftershock while or perhaps just prior to corresponding.

Kibukawa and Wakaume's emails both mention the nuclear crisis -- which has worsened since.

As of the time of their emails, each of the pair still plan on coming to Torrance for the opening reception. Each clearly expects the exhibition to still take place, indicate how it could be cathartic, and request that it be charitable.

The Museum is already planning a special art sale towards the latter -- and also posted a banner on its website homepage advising how to text money for eathquake relief.

Originally, as many as eight of the twelve year-round Japanese resident artists were expected to come to Torrance for the opening.

Kibukawa's email indicates that he will still be bringing the artists in his circle -- either three or four people. Wakaume was -- and still is -- anticipated to travel with three or four others.

More information will be posted here as it becomes available; all of this is clearly subject to change.

The fourteen full or part-time Japanese residents in the Gateway exhibition line-up are:

Masura Aikawa
Taku Anekawa
Shusuke Ao
Shingo Francis (lives in Japan and U.S.)
Tomoo Gokita
Yuki Hashimoto
Minako Kumagai
Gil Kuno (lives in Japan and U.S.)
Satoshi Saegusa
Keiko Sakamotoo
Akira Shikiya
Akihiro Yasugi
Kenichi Yokono
Yuki Yoshida