Sunday, July 17, 2011

Did Honking About Carmaggedon Hurt TAM Opening?

Baker's Dozen III, the latest TAM main gallery exhibition, was scheduled to open with a reception last night, July 16, 2011...

Did the reception take place?

If so, did attendance pale in comparison to recent well-attended TAM openings?

If so, did the stay-at-home honking about Carmaggedon have anything to do with numbers?

If so, does that indicate that TAM's mix-and-mingle occasions are heavily attended by people from outside the South Bay?

If so, does that indicate that a group show with forty or so artists (Telephone) will draw more people to an opening than a group show with thirteen? (Baker's.)

Even if bigger-named artists are part of the latter show? (Examples: Martin Durazo, Alexandra Grant.)